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  • Promotion to VP conditioned by results in the current position, facing a large oral presentation to 11 people and face to face presentation of the project for the targeted position to the N+1,
  • The candidate has strong experience in field and skillful in the opening of innovative markets
  • The candidate is a very shy, intuitive and creative hard worker, shows a difficulty with speech, is highly ambitious, has a temperament of a go-getter,
  • From the HR director perspective, his legitimacy is to be build
6 months
Futur VP


Response Format
9 working sessions of 2 hours each comprising :
  • Bilateral interviews to work on self-confidence and legitimacy feeling.
  • Training with 2 Synargies' partners to improve bot academic presentation, the space occupancy, and the ability to interact and lead a jury, as well as mastering the stress.
  • Filmed and analyzed interviews with another specialized partner to improve the body language and the coherence of the verbal and nonverbal message.


  • Successful promotion VP position
  • Dramatic improvement in fluency
  • Improved confidence
  • Improved ability to unite and work with peers
  • Improve its influencing skills
  • Improved ability to manage stress
  • Actual ability to maintain its determination while more strategic