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Generative s-team

Intelligence sociale


  • Creation of a management team
  • Partial renewal of the management team
  • Integration of new members to the management team
  • Arrival of a new CEO
  • Sharing of responsibilities between the CEO and his team


Theoretical foundations
  • Appreciative Inquiry and Positive Psychology
  • NLP and the different logic levels of R. Dilts
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • FORSC: faciliation for organization and relation

  • The steering committee
  • Coach
  • Leader
  • Trainer
  • Moderator


2 days consultants, individual interviews to: ##Identify needs and issues,
  • Collect different designs of the future,
  • Collect individual success
An initial online audit of the functioning of the team as to the three pillars.
  • 1 2 to 3 days workshop based on the 3 pillars: strategic, social and emotional intelligence.
  • Individual coaching of the team members: 2H, 1 X month for 4 months.
½ day with the Steering Committee focused on: ##The team coaching
  • Adjusting the action plans
  • Analysing successes and their origins
  • Final online audit of the team based on the three pillars.


  • Improve the functioning of the management team
  • Improve support
  • Improve the work climate of the management team
  • Improve the management team commitment

Added values
  • More trust and support within the management team
  • A strong management team face to shareholders
  • More rigorous reporting
  • An organization better suited to the strategic project
  • Empowered and more committed employees
  • More initiatives
  • The implementation of projects related to strategy
  • An effective relationship between support services and operational functions
  • Improved results
  • A clearer positioning